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Starting March, almost daily routes bring you to graphical Symi Island and its characteristic paths with endless stairs which fill the spaces between the amphitheatrically built all white houses.Symi has remained unspoiled in time, keeping its natural beauty of unique Mediterranean island style.

The crystal clear seawater, the absolute calmness and quite at nights, the fresh fish food, the rich history steal the visitor's heart and makes him / her visit again and again.


Thousands of tourists and locals visit every year the Holy Monastery of Taxiarchis Michael of Panormitis South West of Symi Island.

The Monastery completes the natural port with its enormous bell tower and the countless cells, which are ready to accommodate whoever wishes to stay overnight.

Ask for a ferry that stops at the fantastic scenery, and don't miss the museum with the unique "tamata" (offerings), works of art wooden miniature ships.


Rhodes is basically the start of the journey to Symi, and the end.

Rhodes is full of Ancient, Medieval and modern sites. It offers city life style with images of the past of Dodecanese islands and the Aegean.
No criteria can compare with Symi, two beautiful completely different worlds, so close... These unique civilisations evolved separately

Kos is a beautiful Greek island, which is located in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, in the Dodecanese islands. It is the third island in sequence in regards to area following Rhodes and Karpathos.

The population of the island is 26.379 inhabitants. The City of Kos has 14.714 inhabitants.

With many archaeological sights, both within and surrounding the city, Kos is the ideal place for biking and strolling, as there will always be something to comment on. Attractions of a different sort are the wide variety of modern boutiques, tourist shops, bars, cafes and restaurant of all types


The unique Green volcanic island located in the South Eastern part of the Aegean Sea in an extent of 41.6 sq. km, with a coastline extending on 25 kilometers and with Profitis Elias located at a height of 698 meters.


Tilos is located at the north west of Rhodes Island, surrounded by high and rocky mountains, steep coasts, beaches with transparent waters and caves.
It has to offer Medieval castles, a Byzantine monastery, many small graphical churches and a village that is a declared cultural monument. You may visit the cave full of paleontological discoveries like the famous dwarf elephant fossil bones.


Kastellorizo or Megisti as the island is officially known since ancient times, is situated on the southern easternmost part of Greece. Its total surface is 9,2 sq. kms. and it lies 72 miles east of the island of Rhodes and only 2 kms from the Turkish coastline. It is a mountainous island and it belongs to the Dodecanese islands complex.

The island's capital, Kastellorizo, where most of the islands inhabitants reside, consists of the Pigadia and Chorafia districts as well as the little picturesque port of Mandraki. Kastellorizo is amphitheatrically built at the feet of a mountain and spreads on all three sides of the gulf.


Halki is knowed through out the world as "The Center of Peace and Friendship"

Young people from all over the world organize every summer events and musical events at the island.

Halki is a mountainous island, to the west of Rhodes Island and its close to Kamiros Skala (port of Rhodes), about 3.5 nautical miles

Halki is one of the smallest islands of Dodecanese Islands, barely 28 square kilometers and its residents are gathered to one unique village and port of the island, the "Nimporio".

But the village that impresses every visitor is the Old Village, built on the crown of the mountain, the ancient walls throw up, proudly to protect and guard the castle built at the dark ages.


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