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Cancellation of reservation of ticket
If your ticket it has not been published you can change your reservation, or even cancel, without no debit. If the ticket has been published it will be supposed you know that they are likely you are overloaded with abrogative dues, depending on the time of cancellation.
In any case, contact us in +30 2241087401
Ways of Payment
Payment via credit card it guarantees that your transaction with credit card will be realised in sure environment, with base the most modern international specifications of encryption. Payment via credit card ensures the direct market and consolidation of your ticket. If al you do not wish to register in internet the elements of your card, you can provide us by phone and Fax the gredit card details
One of the passegers Must be the Card Holder Other wise we do not exept the reservation .
Payments Via Bank transfer or MONEYGRAM moneytransfer
In this case you complete your reservation and in the stage of payment you select :
BANK DEPOSIT we accepted payments with deposit in the account of our company in

Eurobank number 0026 0163 84 0100 312449 (acount name :Sarantis Vasilis)
IBAN< :GR 77  0260 163 0000 840 100 31 2449

EmporikiBank number (acount name :Sarantis Vasilis)
IBAN :GR 0120 7490 0000 0008 4891 657

The systems of reservations of air companies and hotels, give usually small deadline for the publication of tickets . This is in effect particularly in case of cheap air tickets. Consequently, if you do not pay in time, your ticket will not be published and your reservation will be cancelled automatically, from the online system.
Your reservation is in effect for interval proportional with the regulations that are in effect for each air company.

Payments via credit the Electronic tickets issue directly and reseved via email ,same time

Electronic etickets :The reservation is found in the system of air company. It is published boarding pass in the check-in in airport. E-ticket: The electronic ticket corresponds in a code number E-ticket it is offered without debit.
Search for Cheap Flights
In order to find always the cheaper tickets, you are followed the following rules in search your: The simple tickets (one way) are usually sold in the half price of most precise tickets of 2 way tickets
The requirement to remain in the city of arrival at least up to first Sunday is from the conditions in order to you achieve cheaper tickets. The cheap tickets as a rule presuppose their convenient purchase. The places where they correspond in this tickets they are usually, limited. Consequently as long as earlier you draw your travel so much becomes bigger the probability you achieve good price. The flights early the morning and late the evening (precisely before and afterwards the midnight) when air circulation is not so much dense, is usually offered by the air companies in cheaper prices. If your program allows, you to choose a nightly flight in order to economise money.
It is important you make your reservations with the same company and for the two directions your travel.
If you select different companies most likely they are that you will receive precise price.
But if you even receive cheap price, this will be much higher than the price that you would achieve in the case where you would choose the same company.
The confirmation of reservation becomes via e-mail that is dispatched to you automatically, afterwards completion of your reservation

The all information of your credit card is dispatched with safety using SSL-128. payments are via Emporiki or Eurobank

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